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Who we are

Environmental protection is an integral part of the whole activity of the company Green World SIA. as well as of all our decisions to be taken. We monitor our products and operations compliance with the state standards in force.

What we produce

The final product of processing is secondary granules LDPE, HDPE, PP. Colour – from natural to black.


In the January 24, 2012 "Green World" Ltd. signed a contract № L-JPR-12-0161 with the State Agency "Latvian Investment and Development Agency" about implementation of the project "Production of secondary granules of a mixture of plastic waste (LPDE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP)» , which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

At the beginning of 2011 our company has made full modernization of the equipment. In March, 2011 we started the newest washing line, manufactured by Italian company "TECNOFER", and extrusion line, manufactured by Austrian company "EREMA". The new equipment allows essentially increasing the output granule volume. Now the factory makes about 300 tons of a secondary polyethylene granule (LDPE) monthly. So, the requirement for raw materials, i.e. a waste of a polyethylene film has increased. At this stage the requirement of our enterprise for initial raw materials makes about 700 tons a month.


Raw materials

Our company is interested in acquisition of following kinds of raw materials:

  • heavy colored film LDPE,
  • small colored film LDPE,
  • natural (transparent) film LDPE,
  • agrofilm LLDPE;

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